5 Things to Do today at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

1. Enjoy the Supreme Miniature Pony Competition

In the Spotless Stadium at 2:00 come along to see the extremely small talent of the Supreme Miniature pony Competition. Good things still come in small packages and these little guys are out to impress.

2. Eat a Corn on a Cob

Set your sights or your taste buds on the juciests treat at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, Corn on a cob! Only $5 and you’ll be able to find this treat all over the grounds as there are several stands throughout.

3. See the Woodchopping

It’s been said that the Woodchop at the Sydney Royal Easter Show is like the Wimbledon of the Woodchop world. Yes, that’s right you’ll be seeing the best of the best woodchopping competitors from all over the world. From the Spanish to Americans there is a high quality international action in store for you at the Woodchop Pavilion.

4. Admire the District Displays Exhibit

The time and effort that goes into these exhibits is a phenomenal effort. Up to 5,000 pieces of fruit are used to create displays designed and put together by a team of representatives from multiple districts. All with different meaning and themes, head over to the Woollworths Pavilion to check out these displays that are installed along the sides of the pavilion.

5. Pat a pig

Spend up to 20 minutes with a piglet having a pat and seeing this little guys in action. Make sure you grab a photo but not their curly tails. Check this fun activity out at the Pig and Goat Pavilion.


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