Bumper Car 17

Liza, with all her confidence struts into the bumper car arena and chooses her weapon Car #17. Little did she know her opponent Matt was the bumper car king!

It all started nice and cozy until she quickly looked over her left shoulder and Petherick was quickly gathering pace coming straight after the rear, BANG Matt goes straight into her. Little whip lash never stopped Liza though she speeds off up the outside lap. Its hard not to look around and see all the kids smiling and laughing having a great time as she speeds pass them all trying to catch up to Matt but she was fighting a losing battle as Matts silky skills had her forever chasing tail.

All you had to do was look at the line to see how popular the bumper cars are, a real iconic part of any show around the world and it is no different at the Royal Sydney Easter Show. Its a must do upon your visit.

Watch Liza V Matt on Vimeo!


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