Cattle Curious

Itโ€™s all about the cattle! From the Cattle Pavilion to the Dairy Farmerโ€™s Working Dairy, the bovine beauties of the show are a star attraction. Beef and Dairy are one of Australia’s largest industries, so the Sydney Royal Easter Show make sure to showcase the best that the cattle business has to offer.

If you have ever wondered how milk, butter and cheese get to your breakfast table, then the Dairy Farmerโ€™s Working Dairy is definitely for you. It is an opportunity to go behind barn doors and see how a Dairy operates!

When: Daily sessions on the hour from 10am-5pm

Where: Dairy Farmer’s Working Dairy

Up to 30 breeds of cattle compete in the Cattle Competition, with the most prestigious awards being the Horden and Urquhart Trophies. The judging criteria includes but is not limited to structure, yield, presentation, temperamentย and production.

When: Daily 9am-5pm*

Where: Orana Parade, corner New England Avenue

*Access to the Cattle Pavilion will be limited on Sunday 9 April. In addition the Pavilion will be closed Wednesday 12 April and Thursday 13 April to allow for stock movements





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