Evening Activities at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

The sun has set and your feet a sore from a day full of activities… It’s time for a decision – to go home or to press on? I’m here to tell you that there is a way that you can relax as well as still having fun at the Sydney Royal Easter Show!

Every night from about 6:30, Spotless Stadium becomes the place to be – a mecca of live entertainment for showgoers. Although the entertainment can vary slightly from night to night there are some events that stay the same – and for a reason, they’re just so good! Here are our most highly recommended Evening Activities at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

~ Troy Cassar-Daly; This year we are incredibly lucky to have twice daily shows from country music legend Troy Cassar-Daly. With performances at 7:30pm and 8:10pm it’s worth seeing this Australian treasure perform a whole variety of songs from his back catalogue. If nothing else its a free performance from a 4 time Aria winner – so get yourself down to Spotless Stadium for a performance not to be missed!

~ The Man From Snowy River; This performance is one that people come out to see in hordes every year – The Man from Snowy River has becoshowtime-fmx-at-the-2014-sydney-1038x576me synonymous with the Sydney Royal Easter Show. A dramatic and impressive performance by both man and animal, you can’t miss out on seeing The Man From Snowy River nightly from 7:40pm

Showtime FMX; One for the kids – watch 3 men perform daring jumps on their Motorcross vehicles. Bound to leave you jaw hanging open this one is going to keep you interested for sure! Catch the Showtime FMX team every night in Spotless Stadium from 8:25pm

Colours of the Outback Nighttime Pyromusical; A perfect way to round out a day of family fun, the Pyromusical is a fireworks display like no other! With impressive visuals and a didgeridoo performance that will knock your socks off it’s one you have to add to your day plan. If you need any more convincing Show Radio presenter Lex Hall had a chat with Andrew Howard who is the fourth generation of Howard’s to be involved in the Colours of the Outback Show which you can listen to below. Colours of the Outback kicks off nightly in Spotless Stadium from 8:45pm

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