Flavours of the Sydney Royal Easter Show

Satisfy your tastebuds with the true flavours of the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Field reporter Herbie sat down with Vince, who is the creator of  the iconic  Jam Cream Scone gelato at the Gelato Bar Cafe. This flavour is the first of it’s kind and how could you possibly go wrong with having some of the best treats found at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Vince attempted this particular recipe six times before perfecting the final product, “I wanted to create a flavour that people would understand, it’s a flavour that is a legacy here at the show” said Vince. This legendary Jam Cream Scone gelato has also out solid the original flavours like chocolate and vanilla, however not to far behind the Jam Cream Scone gelato would be one of my all time favourites,  the bubble gum flavour.

According to the crowd at the Sydney Royal Easter Show he has been crowd the king of gelato.Without being too modest of being crowned the King of Gelato, in his words  “I still have a lot to learn”. I don’t think some of his other competitors would be to happy of his title, but the people will want what they want. Feast your eyes on this baby, let your legs do the walking and your mouth do the eating at the Gelato Bar cafe.



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