Have You Ever Experienced 9 Dimensions?

For the very first time at the Sydney Royal Easter Show there is a paid virtual reality ride available! VR Land has 19 stations where the user can sit in an egg shaped chair, pop on the headset and is quickly whisked away to another world. The chair rocks back and forth, up and down and side to side – you really feel like you can experience nine dimensions (including 360 vision and surround sound).

Show Radio reporters Alex and Ellie both tried out the swinging show ride VR experience (there are a whopping 25 experiences to choose from!). Alex found it “really weird” but found it thoroughly enjoyable. He hopes to try another one out before the end of the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Ellie found the experience quite terrifying, she was convinced she was really riding a carnival ride! But after it was over and her heart rate slowed down she felt great. Ellie hopes she “gets a chance to go for round two” as well. The VR Experience really is unbelievably realistic.

Rides are just $10 each and VR Land is run by E2 Media, a leading Chinese media company. E2 are calling it โ€˜the most realistic virtual reality experience currently available in Australia’. You can find VR Land on Olympic Boulevard, on the outskirts of the Kids Carnival Area opposite the Daily Telegraph Paddock.

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