Interview with Charlotte Smith owner of The Darnell Collection

Owner of Darnell Collection Charlotte Smith caught up with field reporter Shweta Pai to talk about what’s on display here at The Sydney Royal Easter Show. Smith organised the natural fibre fashion parade. She has come from a background of story telling and fashion history. The Darnell Collection contains 8000 pieces of fashion history. There are 42 fashion parades taking place over the course of the show. “All of the clothing on the catwalk comes from her The Darnell Collection and garments date back from 1920’s until yesterday. The most important thing to showcase the fact that people can wear cotton for evening dresses and even wool for even swimsuits and it’s important that people understand these natural fibres can be used day wear, work wear, evening wear or even bridal wear instead of locking them into a specific category” “it is extraordinary how many ways these fibres can be translated into a garment for your wardrobe” and just like you do for your food when you look for natural ingredients you should do the same for your clothing as it is making an environmental choice as well as support all the Australian industries supplying natural fibres as well as overseas. It is all about checking the labels and buying natural when it fits the budget and the occasion of what you are shopping for at the time”The show features a lot of trivia and facts Charlotte says will never make you think of those natural fibres the same again.

Charlotte is definitely making a difference not only in the environment but in the fashion industry as well.

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