Kicking up dusk: riders, drivers and crackers!

As daylight begins to fall upon the Sydney Royal Easter Show, the Spotless Stadium will ignite with a massive showcase of events!

The entertainment commences at 6:30pm with the Rodeo (exception of April 12th and 13th), with Cowboys and Cowgirls showing the city folk what it takes to tame to a wild beast.

Make sure you check out the live production of The Man From Snowy River, as the extravaganza takes the audience on a journey of  visions inspired by famous Australian poet ‘Banjo Patterson’ at 7:30pm.

The ‘Battle of the Golden Helmet’ follows in hot pursuit, when the V8 Supercars rev up  the rivalry between Country and City.

The real ‘cracker’ of the night is the fireworks display, brought to you by Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics’. They’re the maestros that will turn the sky into a sea of colours and sounds.

Why do we recommend? Because you’ve had a full day of adventures – it’s time to sit back, relax and take in the visual feast. 

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