Meet Your New Favourite Animal…

We aren’t kidding around – today the Pig & Goat Pavillion had some of the cutest animals on the planet… Angora Goats!

These shaggy goats are often mistaken for sheep and are best known for providing us with beautiful mohair fleece. In fact, a single goat can produce between four and five kilograms of hair per year and they are shorn every six months. Their rapid hair growth means that by the shearing stage the fleece is about 12-15cm in length. The Angora Goats will be judged from 8.30am tomorrow (11 April 2017).

Thanks to the lovely staff and students of Moolong Central School who allowed us to take some photos and pat their beautiful goats!

Click here for more information about goats at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

One thought on “Meet Your New Favourite Animal…

  1. Great to see Molong Central School at the Royal Easter Show Angora Competition. Well done to their Teacher, students and sponsors. Good luck.

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