ARCY: the changing perception of street art

Ryan ‘ARCY’ Christensen has successfully turned his passion for graffiti art into a live production. His commissioned mural work is gaining popularity worldwide. This is testament to a changing attitude towards street art.

‘Keep your coins, I want change’ by Banksy


International artists such as ARCY and Banksy have reconfigured our perception by using it as a platform for social awareness and expression. There are Australian artists making a huge mark  such as Meek (Stencil Graff), Anthony Lister (Street to Gallery work) and Swaze1 (Professional Graffitti artist).

There is a significant difference between installing a piece of artwork and trying to deface a property.

During the Sydney Royal Easter Show, ARCY has been wielding a spray can to create a series of murals capturing the essence of the event.

The force of the mighty axeman ARCY captures the magic of the Sydney Royal Easter Show woodchopping

There is a seriousness about this man on a mission – 14 murals in 14 days. He stops every so often to step back and survey his progress. Etching out in front of him is a vibrant wall splayed with merging images and colours. No one is chasing him away.

The City of Sydney council recently approved changes to soften the rules on street art.

It’s artists like ARCY, commissioned to showcase their skills in a public forum that are helping to bridge the gap in the eyes of society, and allow these changes.

You can catch ARCY near the Spotless Stadium at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Afraid of missing out? His murals will remain where they are for years into the future.

That’s the beauty of Art.


Written by Joanna Lodge

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