This page will be updated daily with two Show Radio podcasts – one called Easter Show & Tell, the other called Show Me The Show.

Come back regularly to catch up on unique stories and sounds, and discover something new about the Sydney Royal Easter Show every day.


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The Royal Easter Show has a rich history of rural characters and personalities. We’ll dive into the stories, moments and secrets of the people that make the Show so memorable. Includes interviews, audio, and a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how the Easter show impacts peoples’ lives. 

Episode 1: Woodchopping with Neil Stuart

Join Lachie and Tom as they learn about the history of woodchopping with announcer Neil Stuart.

Episode 2: It’s not Eddie Gill’s First Rodeo

Eddie Gills is a fifth generation rodeo livestock breeder. If you’ve ever seen a cowboy knocked off a bull, It was probably one of Eddie’s. Sam and Nel have a chat with Eddie about his family, the Sydney Royal Easter Show, and the world of Rodeo.

Episode 4: Gourmet Your Way – Part 1

Grace heads out in search of the best food and drink that the Sydney Royal Easter Show has to offer. Check out what she found.

Episode 5: Erielle & Tom Explore the Home & Lifestyle Pavillion

Erielle & Tom utilise a rainy day at The Sydney Royal Easter Show, to explore the Home & Lifestyle Pavillion, chatting to the stall holders and exploring their uniques stories that led them to The Sydney Royal Easter show in the first place.

Episode 6: Stories From Women in Agriculture

Join Gary and Nel as they chat to two women making waves in the agriculture industry:

Episode 7: Shear Beauty

Join Brenton and Owen as they learn how to shear sheep and how to use the wool – don’t be sheepish!

Episode 8 Easter Show and Tell – Fire and Rescue Special

Join Paddy and Owen as they dive head first into the Fire and Rescue Exhibit here at The Sydney Royal Easter Show!

Episode 11: Royale Psychics

Brenton and Bek sit down with the Psychics from the Royale Psychics to find out their future! 

Episode 12: Easter Show And Tell: Signing Off 

Charles Goodsir and Tom Reeve reflect on their time at The Sydney Royal Easter Show and chat to the many friends they have made along the way!


Artwork for ‘Show Me The Show’

Experience a sonic virtual tour of the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Navigate the Haunted House; be shown around the stables; hear the dog judging. Take a trip to the Show with this audio-rich guide for people who can’t be there. 

Episode 1: Megan & Nat’s Horse and Dodgem Adventure

From colourful Coca Cola Carnival Folk, to wholesome moments in the wee hours of this morning, Nat and Megan took in every Show-Moment and enjoyed every minute of it!

Episode 2: Brenton & Sandy’s Haunted House

Brenton and Sandy venture into one of the most popular (and scary) rides at the Royal Easter Show: The Haunted House.

Episode 3: 50 First Dagwoods w/ Maybelle and Scott

Maybelle and Scott wind back the clock in an attempt to give dating advice to teenagers at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Episode 4: A Carousel of Memories

We all have fond memories of our first carnival ride encounters, but little did you know that just as you create your own memories on this ride, you are adding to its history. Mel and Lu were invited over to The Royal Double Decker Carousel for a VIP ride by ride operator Laura.

Episode 5: Food ASMR

Join Paddy and Nel as they give you a quick taste of the cuisine at The Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Join Paddy and Nel as they give you a quick taste of the cuisine at The Sydney Royal Easter Show

Episode 7: Love At First Show

Ever wondered what the ideal dating experience at the Sydney Royal Easter Show would sound like? Show Me The Show has tailored the ultimate audio dating journey for you and that special someone.

Episode 8: Show Me The Animals

Charlie and Helena are both animal lovers, and with over 8000 animals living at Olympic Park during the Sydney Royal Easter Show, they have plenty to choose from. Embark on an up close and personal journey with some of their favourite critters at the show.

Episode 9: Ride With Me

Charles Goodsir and Charlie Hearn-Sarchfield have yet to go on any of the rides on offer at The Sydney Royal Easter Show. That all changes as Charles and Charlie take on both the family and thrill rides. How did the CC’s handle it? Listen and find out!

Episode 10: Sites, Sounds, Smells & Polo Cross

Frazer and Lachlan are here to walk you through the sites, sounds and smells of the Sydney Royal Easter Show. With so much on offer, where will they take you?!

Episode 11: Shopping at the Show

Helena and Camille roam amongst the stalls in the Home & Lifestyle and Fashion Pavilions. Helena’s on the hunt for self-care items and Camille is looking for the best in eco-friendly products. Join them to see what they bought!

Episode 12: 10 Shake’s Farmyard Nursery

Join Ken and Bek as they meet and learn about all the cute and cuddly animals down at 10 Shake’s Farmyard Nursery.

Episode 12: The Season Finale

Charlie and Helena introduce you to a side of the show, not even show patrons get to see! This behind the scenes look at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, and the team at Show Me The Show Podcast provides a guided to the massive event we’ve all grown to know and love over the last 2 weeks.

The team also says farewell to the show with a showcase of some of the best Show Me The Show moments from season 1.

Presenter: Helena Ellis

Presenter: Charlie Meller