Australia’s first uncooked raw milk cheese comes first place

The hand-crafted ewes milk cheese, Yarrawa, is Australia’s first uncooked raw milk cheese.


Pecora Dairy’s Yarrawa was just named Champion Cheese of Show at the Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Produce Show. Its butter, caramel, grass and cashew flavours were brought to life by the light handed approach to cheesemaking. The hand-crafted ewes milk cheese, Yarrawa, is Australia’s first uncooked raw milk cheese.

Sheep milk is the most nutritious out of all the milks, with B6, B12, Vitamin D, medium chain amino acids, linoleic acids, and all 10 essential amino acids. Sheep milk is perfect for cheese production as it contains double the amount of solids in cow milk. 

Pecora Dairy is an artisan sheep milk dairy and cheesery run by Michael and Cressida Cains. Based in Robertson, the Green Heart of the South Highlands, Pecora Dairy has a wide range of cheeses, all originating from simple culture starters. Yarrawa is known for its concentrated, yet clear flavours. 

Michael and Cressida Cain’s overarching philosophy is gentleness on the land, as well as towards their ewes and in how they make their cheeses. The dairy has taken painstaking care to build a cheese making system that uses only the finest milk from its flock of pure East Friesian sheep.

With more than 63 million sheep, you could say Australia has 63 million chances to make some of the finest cheese. And it seems like Pecora Dairy took that chance and ran with it.

“A zippy Spanish style semi-hard with herbaceous, citrus and floral notes with an exceptionally clean flavour and a lingering finish” – Pecora Dairy.

You can purchase their award-winning range of cheeses online or from the Pecora Dairy Cheese Shop & Providore in Robertson, Pecora Dairy’s cheeses are also available at a range of cheese specialty stockists peppered along the east coast.


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