Cotton is such a versatile fabric look pull out a t-shirt in your wardrobe, socks from the drawer or towels from the linen closet, it’s probably made of cotton.

But where does it come from, well today we found out by speaking to Jenny from the Cotton-Here For Good stand and learnt more about the virtual reality experience they have on offer.

Listen to the audio to find out more:

Jenny was also telling me that Australia is leading the way in sustainable practices. This has been driven by decades of research and development which cotton farmers contribute to. This ensures we use less water on less land and have much lower impacts on the environment with integrated pest management, for example over the last 10 years the industry has reduced water usage by over 50%.

Cotton is in fact more sustainable than synthetic fibres with all the plant is used, either through grain for cattle, cotton seed oil and in many common household products like soaps and cosmetics.

Australia’s cotton industry is a significant contributor to the agricultural sector, with exports worth around $2 billion each year. Farming for cotton is conducted mainly in New South Wales and Queensland with the bulk of it coming from family-owned farms just like the one featured in the virtual reality display.

Want to learn more, visit the Woolworths Food Farm at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, strap on the virtual reality googles and transform yourself to Nigel Burnett’s cotton farm in Emerald in Queensland.


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