Is it a ram, is it a plane, no it’s an Angora goat. The exquisitely dressed Angora goat is prized worldwide for its unique white fleece – known as Mohair.

It is an ancient domesticated goat breed named after the Angora (now Ankara) region in Turkey. Once Angora Mohair is woven and dyed it produces a luxurious, eye-catching fabric, traditionally reserved for the elite of Turkish society.

The first Angora goats introduced into Australia were imported in 1832 by a Mr W.E. Rielly of Raby, near Parramatta, who purchased 13 Cashmere cross Angora goats from the herd of a French Duchess.

You can come and see a real-life Angora goat for yourself at the Pig & Goat Pavilion between Monday the 5th and Wednesday the 7th of April from 9 am until 7 pm. Awards will be presented for best in show on Wednesday the 7th at 12 pm in the Pig & Goat Pavilion.


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