Little Big Dairy goes large with 300L of cream

Australian farm Little Big Dairy has taken two steps forward and no steps back, generously donating more than 300L of cream to the Country Women's Association's Tea Room at the 2021 Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Little Big Dairy's Cream at the CWA Tea Room
Little Big Dairy’s Cream at the CWA Tea Room

The smell of freshly baked scones wafting through the air, a warm cup of tea, and delightful hospitality, are just some of the things that make the Country Women’s Association (CWA) Tea Room so popular. But with something like scones, jam and cream is a must. And that’s where Little Big Dairy comes swooping in. 

Over the years, Little Big Dairy has showcased its cows at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, but this is the first year its cream has arrived – and arguably stolen the spotlight. But instead of selling its delectable cream, Little Big Dairy has generously donated more than 300L of it to the CWA Tea Room. Such a sizable donation is a celebration of the Aussie spirit, and highlights Little Big Dairy’s large heart.

It’s incredible because the girls do so many scones each year, [so] we donated over 300L of cream. That’s a really big donation for us and really important for us to get our name there,” said Ashleigh Littlewood. “So, we [can’t] thank the CWA girls enough.”

For more than 100 years, Little Big Dairy has been sustainably bringing the best milk to Australian homes. Based in Dubbo, along the Macquarie River in the Central West, the farm is home to 800 Holsteins, all of which were born and raised on the farm. And each one has been affectionately named by the family. 

Little Big Dairy is single-sourced, which means its milk is produced solely on its farm. Handled by the family themselves, the whole process is overseen from very beginning to the end, from the milking to the bottle. So, for these fifth generation dairy farmers, it’s more than a business – it’s what they live and breathe. 

At the Sydney Royal Easter show, lines can be long, but Little Big Dairy’s cream is worth the wait.

Find the CWA Tea Room and Little Big Dairy’s cream daily at the Home & Lifestyle Pavillion.


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