I’m afraid of roller coasters. I mean, I rode a few of them but the really fasts ones… NOPE!

And it’s not just roller coasters, I freak out when I’m on a giant Ferris wheel or panic when in those drop towers.

For a long time, I’ve pushed myself away from riding thrilling roller coasters, mostly because of my fear of heights and the way the rides are marketed. Just standing near the ride, I hear people screaming and I get really nervous rather than excited.

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But this year, I want to conquer that fear! I want to ride a roller coaster in the Sydney Royal Easter Show and I bet some of you feel the same way as well.

But before I go on these rides, I need to know why I fear them.

Joining me is Malcom Burt, a roller coaster expert from Queensland University of Technology as he gives his input on why roller coasters are scary and how to conquer those fears.


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