Scone Eating Etiquette: Am I Breaking The Rules?

Home made scones with strawberry jam and a cup of tea
Image: Envato Elements

I start of this article with a question, as I sit down at the Country Women’s Association Tea Room at the Home & Lifestyle Pavilion, is there such a thing as scone eating etiquette?

Its show favourite of many people, normally these delightful scones are served with of cause jam and cream coupled with a piping hot cup of tea, some may refer to it as Devonshire tea. However, I am not tea drinker apologies to all the tea drinkers out there, my brew of choice is coffee.

Whilst I am personally enjoying these freshly baked goodies, it’s a good time to reflect that the Country Women’s Association involvement in the Sydney Royal Easter Show delicious scones.

Country Women’s Association Tea Room is an important fundraising event in the CWA calendar, raising much need funds positively contribute to regional areas.

This year country Women’s Association of NSW is celebrating its centenary, this organisation in that time has been working hard to really improve facilities and life in general for rural and regional communities. These including improving access to health care including maternity and baby care facilities, schooling, rest homes, helping those who are going through tough times in those regional areas and so much more.

Over the years which people may not be aware of they have also played an important role in advocating for improved road safety like introduction of compulsory seat belts, white lines on the edge of roads and flashing speed signs in school zones.

Hopefully we can insert interview or quote in terms of this year volume and facts.

  • Preparation time for the event?
  • 4000 scones each day?
  • The Tea Room raises on average $150,000 each year, which helps with the running of the CWA of NSW and its assistance programs?

Its good to know as I am finishing my scones with my coffee, that I have also played a small but important part. That’s what I love about the Sydney Royal Easter Show is not only are we getting a taste of regional life but by visiting and supporting, we are contributing to improve rural life for the better.

So back to my original question scones with coffee, is this against scone etiquette? Do I need to change my ways? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below.


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