Racing to his 2nd World Title, Tasmanian Daniel Guur, 23, was crowned the 2022 World Champion of Tree Felling. 

Wood/Tree Felling is a thrilling spectacle at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, in which an axeman climbs and descends a 4.5 metre block, perching on boards they have wedged into the trunk, before chopping through a block of wood about three metres above the ground.

This competition at the Sydney Royal Easter Show is “long regarded as the Wimbledon of woodchop” as it attracts competitors and audiences from all around Australia and the world. 

Daniel’s dad, Matthew Gurr, works in tree removal in Tasmania. So the Gurr men live for chopping wood.

Matthew also competed this year and has the most wins as a world champion in this event; with a total of 16 titles, which his son Daniel strives to achieve one day. 

Mitchell Hewart 15 x winner was also back this year to reclaim his title as he has never lost, but Gurr beat him to it! 

“It’s a great achievement” stated Daniel.

When asked how he does it, he stated it was his “Destiny” to win worlds not once but every time and he will probably take out the title again next year.

Best of luck to Daniel for following in your dad Matthew’s footsteps for the next 15 years.  

Want to know the secret to success? Listen to Anny’s interview with Daniel below.

Mid- Ceremony Interview with Daniel Gurr


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