If you’ve been to any Agricultural Show in Australia over the past century, there’s probably a good chance you’ve still got a bit of glitter leftover from brushing shoulders with a Kewpie Doll. Sprinkling her magic wherever she goes, this doll-on-a-stick represents the fun and wonder of show culture across the country! Many generations hold The Kewpie Doll fondly in their memories as they represent the win of a carnival game, or the remedy to a lost one.

Before they made it into the hands of Aussies, Kewpie Dolls had been through a few evolutions. Starting out as a comic strip character authored by American Rose O’Neill in the early 1900s, ‘Kewpie’ was always entertaining people whilst keeping them out of mischief or battling an injustice. Her popularity skyrocketed and eventually ‘Kewpie Kutouts’ were made to supply the masses, but even that wasn’t enough! Due to popular demand, actual dolls were produced in different sizes from 3 to 30cm and up to 15cm tall. All kinds of Kewpie shapes and sizes began to emerge with the most popular having glistening gold hair, perfect red lips and a colourful tutu.

Today, our Field Reporter Nathan went out to surprise Morning Announcer Tristan with his very own look-a-like Kewpie Doll. He was jealous of her outfit. If you’re jealous too, head down to the Heritage Pavilion to explore the wonders of the Kewpie and some of the 200 year old traditions that have walked alongside her.


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