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A Carousel of Memories

As a child, you were probably too short to enjoy most of the rides set-up at The Sydney Royal Easter Show. You were probably also scared, and I wouldn’t blame you if you still are, by the swinging arms that send blood rushing to your head and adrenaline through your veins. Instead, the tame Carousel, AKA Merry-Go-Round, was the go-to choice for a few minutes of joyous fun.

We all have fond memories of our first carnival ride encounters, but little do you know that just as you create your own memories on rides, you are adding to their own history. Especially, The Royal Double Decker Carousel at this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show. Since 1952, The Royal Double Decker Carousel has been used to delight people of all ages at carnivals around the world. With original paintings that are said to tell a story with pictures of landscapes from riverbeds in Mississippi, a view down 16th Street towards The White House in Washington, to Farmhouses with locations that are yet to be disclosed; the original story has not been told and even ride operator Laura is still trying to decode them.

Mel and Lu were invited over to The Royal Double Decker Carousel for a VIP ride by ride operator Laura. Assuming they would get no more than a quick spin, Laura started to talk about the history and memories that come with the Carousel.

In today’s episode of Show Me the Show, Mel and Lu take you on an immersive experience of The Royal Double Decker Carousel and show you a side of the ride that you never thought existed.



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