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Rollercoaster Review: Which Rides Are Worth Your Time?

The Sydney Royal Easter Show plays host to over 100 rides ranging from traditional carousels and tea cup rides to Haunted Houses and hair-raising rollercoasters. But with so much variety to choose from, how do you know which ride is perfect for you?

Below are three attractions at the Sydney Royal Easter Show that are well worth the price of admission and will certainly make those stomachs churn.

Kyle & Jackie O’s Haunted House

Where: Showground Road

When: 9:30am – Late, Daily

Price: 10 Coupons

Radio Royalty Kyle & Jackie O have their own attraction at this year’s iteration of the Sydney Royal Easter Show. The pair have gone missing and it’s up to you to enter the haunted house and discover what has become of the duo. The show has 13 rooms including a detailed recreation fo the KIIS Studio and features 16 trained actors and animatronics that’s sure to make even the most hardcore of horror fans scream. Perfect for some late night thrills.

Wave Swinger

Where: Kids’ Carnival

When: 9:30am – Late, Daily

Price: 6 Coupons

This attraction has been a staple at The Sydney Royal Easter Show for years and is a beloved favourite. The Wave swinger takes you 15 metres in the air and offers the smoothest swinging experience you simply can’t get at your local park. This may be a ride to avoid if you are terrified of heights but if you aren’t, this is the perfect ride to relax and take a break from your day. This ride is accessible for all ages.

Cliff Hanger

Where: Coca-Cola Carnival

When: 9:30am – Late, Daily

Price: 6 Coupons

Have you ever wanted to experience being Superman and the joy of flying? Head over to the Cliff Hanger and live out everyones childhood dream. You’ll be strapped in a face down position as this ride will lift you in the air, twist you around and tilt you from all angles. Best to ensure you don’t stuff your face with the food from the show before you embark on this attraction!

This is but a taste of the rides on offer at The Sydney Royal Easter Show. Check out the website to find which ride is best for you and your family!




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