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Take The Leap: The Easter Show Stunt Team

As a child fast cars, motorbikes and anything fast always excited me growing up. I was surrounded by motor racers and when I was sixteen got into racing go-karts.

The Airtime Freestyle MotoX Stunt Team are back at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and personally I cannot wait to see their death-defying flips and tricks.

It takes a certain type of adrenaline junky to leap 50 meters in the air it’s probably the best thing in my opinion that you could see at the Show.

Xtreme Korruption are one of Australia’s best stunt teams and the fact the Sydney Royal Easter Show have them for 2021 is amazing.

You can catch them at 12.40pm and and 8.10pm in the Giants Stadium.

Be sure to get your seats early as there are limited numbers in the Stadium allowed.

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