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A Proud Organic Poultry Producer

Do you love organic food?

Yes, everyone loves organic foods as they are good for health. Last week, when I was speaking to one of the organic poultry producers she clearly explained to me the difference between the conventional poultry and organic poultry.

Free Range Chickens

Chickens in a conventional way dipped into chlorine water to remove the bacteria and during the process, the chicken will suck the water and will gain water and it won’t be of natural taste.

But organic chickens are free-range and they are fed with organic grains. They are not soaked in chlorine water and rather they are dried under chilled air which makes them reduce weight. This is a natural organic method and it is tasty as the chicken is juicy and crispy when you cook.

The price ticket for organic food is always high as it is highly dependent on organic grains and natural factors. Even drought can impact them. Hence it is always worth eating organic food and it is a niche market. Support #Organicproducers.

Details gathered from Inglewood Farm – Katrina Hobbs -A proud organic poultry producer.

Interview with Katrina Hobbs



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