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A Quacking Experience: Why The Indian Runner Duck Is The 2021 Feature Poultry Breed

The Sydney Royal Poultry Show is a meticulous exercise.

Thousands of breeds of birds are welcomed into competitions at the show and numerous insights are made by judges.

Birds that go into the running (or flying) include chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese and guinea fowl.

After the judging procedures have concluded, the champion bird gets the ultimate runway experience and are put on show for all to see.

Speculation has already started brimming even before the show has met its happenstance.

The most popular theory that has surfaced is that the Indian Runner will be the most popular trending breed of the year.

Not to be confused with the 1991 crime film, the Indian Runner is currently one of the most popular duck breeds in Australia.

The common duck is relatively known for it’s token waddling.

What is intriguing about the Indian Runner in their appearance is that they stand more upright in a position that is more akin to a penguin.

Their namesake is linked back to the East-India Trading Company, as it was notably a breed of duck that originates in the United Kingdom, denoting the Indian roots to be more fanciful than regional.

One unique aspect about this special breed of duck is that they have a stomach that only pests such as locusts can satisfy.

Special “pest control duck squads” are unleashed onto vineyards in South Africa to keep vermin away and it’s definitely a sight to behold.

The strong able bodies and sharp beaks make them a tour-de-force against the pests.

The special ducks get the opportunity to be pampered and on show separately as a daily all day event at the Poultry Pavilion.

The Poultry Show can be seen on April 1st from 9am until 3pm at the Poultry Pavilion where the champions can then be seen on each of the following days.

Thomas Denham
Trailblazing from the Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne, Tom is an aspiring content creator, broadcaster and podcast producer. With a deep passion for audio storytelling, Tom has produced podcasts from audio fiction (The Glam Gizmo) to panel discussion (Right On Track). Tom is currently the Podcast Manager at SYN Media and has previously been the Executive Producer of several flagship radio programs. Tom can’t wait to feast his eyes (and stomach) at the cake competition at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and can be found on the grounds searching for the next best story.


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