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A Time To Reflect: An Opportunity To Get Close With The Horses

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is always busy, bustling and bombastic, but sometimes there’s some beautiful opportunities for quiet reflection.

Tom discovered this when he was searching for his next big story and came across the horse stables tucked away behind Giants Stadium.

There was an area where the horses were able to graze, rest and bask in the sun.

In addition to this, visitors and pass byers found the opportunity to approach the horses and get up close.

It’s fantastic seeing the horses in action across numerous events throughout the whole Sydney Royal Easter Show from the comfort of our seats in the stadium, but getting this intimate with them is a truly special moment.

Everybody in this space was tremendously respectful of the horses and their temperament. 

The quietness was extremely inviting and provided a moment to step aside from the bedazzled action.

Instead you can really get to see the horses eye to eye, pat them and see them enjoy the nurturing environment that they occupied. 

Each of the horses in this space had their own very distinctive personalities.

Some cautiously watched as people came up while others didn’t shy away from earning themselves a scratch or a pat on the nose or back. 

City-dwellers may not get the time to see horses or animals in general so closely, so this is an extra special time to either observe and marvel at these creatures, or see them in action as they interact with one another.

You can hear the full feature here:

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Thomas Denham
Trailblazing from the Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne, Tom is an aspiring content creator, broadcaster and podcast producer. With a deep passion for audio storytelling, Tom has produced podcasts from audio fiction (The Glam Gizmo) to panel discussion (Right On Track). Tom is currently the Podcast Manager at SYN Media and has previously been the Executive Producer of several flagship radio programs. Tom can’t wait to feast his eyes (and stomach) at the cake competition at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and can be found on the grounds searching for the next best story.


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