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Orange Is The New Black: The Great Backyard Pumpkin Challenge

The enigmatic pumpkin is a mystery to some: how do they grow so large, why do they taste so good? However, to a pumpkin enthusiast, these esoteric conundrums are no mystery.

This year there will be 12 categories of pumpkin judged by an expert panel of pumpkin enthusiasts. Categories include competitions for the smallest and largest pumpkin as well as several novelty categories. 

Curious? I know I am.  

You may still have one question, how large can a pumpkin grow? The Royal Easter Show record was set back in 2015 when a whopper of a squash weighed in at 728kgs. That’s roughly the equivalent of a fully grown Wild Asiatic Water Buffalo. Astounding!

The world record for heaviest pumpkin came in at 1503kg, the equivalent of 128 regular pumpkins or one slightly undersized Elephant Seal. This behemoth was grown by a Swiss pumpkin enthusiast by the name of Beni Meier. Outstanding!

Could we see a new record for the heaviest pumpkin this show? 

However, if you believe that size shouldn’t be the only measure of a pumpkin, you’re in luck. There will be categories for the fanciest and funniest pumpkins and a celebrity lookalike competition that has featured the likes of Donald Trump, Nemo, and Homer Simpson.

If this has piqued your interest in the world of competitive pumpkin growing make sure to visit The Great Backyard Pumpkin Challenge display daily between 9 am and 8:30 pm at the Flower and Garden Pavilion.



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