Looking back on the Sydney Royal Easter Show I must admit one of my favourite attractions is the Kyle and Jackie-O Hollywood Horrors Haunted House. Long story short, I was scared.

I made it my mission during my time at Show Radio to go into the Hollywood Horrors attraction but I was too scared to just go in by myself so I needed to find a reason. Then I had and idea that involved me interviewing some of the performers and asking them questions about the Sydney Royal Easter Show involving things like ‘What’s your favourite Showbag?’ but it was hard and I got very scared and you can definitely hear the stress I was under during the interview (plus also all the screaming).

I decided for my Monday show with Owen to go in myself and be brave and try to interview one of the performers that were trying to scare people, and I was successful… Sadly. As I said before you can hear how scared I was so follow us on our Instagram @AFTRSRADIO and tell me how I did. Please don’t be too harsh on me, it was scary.

Listen to the full interview below!


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