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Fluritto… yes, you read that right.

Ever though there would be a different kind of Burrito in the world? Well. Here is the sweetest Burrito now Flurrito that is a combination of food you must try. This colourful creation could out do a rainbow unicorn in looks and taste.

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While I wasn’t able to meet Michael and Paola – the husband and wife team I was told a little bit about them being curious of who created the idea of the FLURITTO. Their company Fluffy Crunch has 25 gourmet creations of fairy floss and are focused on main festivals such as the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

While waiting for my cross over to the radio announcers at the Easter show I was able to try a few of these delicious flavours of fairy floss and lists a few as well they had: Watermelon, Mango, Strawberry and Lemonade, Choc Mint, Apple Pie, Nutella, Bubble gum, Salted Caramel, Pistachio and Rosewater – just to name a few.

Source: Instagram – Fluffy Crunch

But getting back to the real deal breaker for me was watching the Flurrito come to life and then to try out for myself.

With a sweet crunch and a smooth ice cream texture all while adding that added bit of strawberry and Fruit Loop crunch. I must say nothing compares and next year you will have to try out this one for yourself.

So what’s inside:
– Strawberry flavoured fairy floss
– Vanilla Ice Cream
– Sprinkels x 10000
– AND Fruit Loops

Wrapped in a burrito wrap cut in half, with then more sprinkles and Fruit Loops added for that decorative touch!

For more images on the Flurrito and on the other flavours check out there socials and website – Fluffy Crunch.

Source: The Flurrito



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