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That’s All She Wrote: My First Show

Well there it goes, The 2021 Sydney Royal Easter Show has been and gone – just like that!

It was my first ever show, having just arrived in Sydney in February to study at AFTRS it’s never been something on my yearly calendar – I haven’t even ever been to the Melbourne Show. It’s quite evident that The Sydney Royal Easter Show is a family occasion, something passed down the generations – and as I arrived in Australia from Wales as a 9 year old, our family never really had that tradition. Will it be something I pass onto my children (if I ever have any) well… we’ll have to wait and find out.

I could spend hours reminiscing on the events of the last 12 days and what the highlights were for me, was it hunting around for the best lunch – it was a toastie – or interviewing some of my classmates over at the podcast booth? The one thing that stands out for me is the sheep shearing, getting chance to shear a sheep myself. You an read all about that more indepth below;

Let’s keep it short, that’s all from me at the 2021 Sydney Royal Easter Show, I’d like to thank all my teachers and classmates for making it a wonderful time, but most importantly to the listeners and you the reader – if it weren’t for you we wouldn’t be able to do it – thank you!



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