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An ‘orse is an ‘orse…

Every year, a deluge of horsey types and their kin, inundate the gates of The Sydney Royal Easter Show, donning their best and fanciest riding gear for another year of competitions, displays and general horsing around.

Each day stallions, geldings and mares compete in events such as show jumping, camp drafting, polo and equestrian vaulting – just to name a few. Not only are the horses on display, but their riders also, having their style, presentation and costume judged.

Showjumping is a crowd favourite and is a recognised Olympic sport. Judges look at the horse and rider, assessing their accuracy and skill. The Grand Prix, one of the most exciting events, will take in the main stadium April 22nd from 2:15pm.

You can also catch Showjumping daily from April 12th – 22nd at varying times and venues. Check your guide for further details.



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