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Best food on a stick at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

The Sydney Royal Easter Show has returned bigger and better than ever – and with it comes more delicious and outright bizarre food offerings – all of which are on a stick.

The annual show, which takes place at Sydney Olympic Park between April 1 and April 12 is renowned for its delicious fare and this year there’s even more to suit every taste and budget.

So to whet your appetite and give you a sense of what tasty morsels are on offer, Show Radio has round up a selection of the best and most bizarre handheld snacks available for purchase.

Keep scrolling to see what’s on offer at The Sydney Royal Easter Show in 2021.

Chips on a stick

Ship on Stick Easter Show food
Pictured: Chips on a stick

Nothing screams Show food more than chips on a stick. This deep fried treat is made to order with a choice of seasonings, including chicken salt, lemon pepper, chilli, bbq, satay and salt & vinegar.

Dagwood Dog

Pictured: Dagwood Dog

Dagwood Dog

This guilty pleasure can be referred to as a Pluto Pup, Dippy Dog or Corn Dog, but at the Sydney Royal Easter Show its commonly known as the Dagwood Dog – it’s basically a battered sausage on a stick.

Waffle on a stick

Waffle on a stick

Waffle dogs, or waffles on a stick, have become a popular snack of showgoers in recent years. Choose from a variety of toppings, including Nutella, Oreos, pretzels, banana, strawberries and M&Ms.

Toffee Apples

Toffee Apple easter show
Pictured: Toffee Apples

An oldie but a goodie! This far out fusion takes one of the healthiest snacks in the world and makes it just a little bit naughty… just mind your teeth when you much in.

Cheese on a stick

Pictured: Cheese on a stick. (Credit: The Sydney Royal Easter Show)

This cheese-on-a-stick treat takes show food to the next level. It’s bursting with gooey, melted cheese in a crispy golden shell that’s deep fried to perfection.

Bacon Head

Pictured: Bacon Head (Credit: The Sydney Royal Easter Show)

Move over egg and bacon roll… this deep fried crispy snack is the perfect treat for meat lovers. But for those looking to take it up a notch, it also comes smothered in cheese!



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