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Better than Summer Camp

Peter Thompson, professional Campdrafter

There’s plenty of people out there who are into extreme sports. Skydiving, bungie-jumping, freeclimbing. But Peter Thompson reckons he’s got them all beat.

Peter’s a Campdrafter, a practitioner of an all-Australian sport in which a rider on horseback must single out one cow from a herd, then control it through a course in under 40 seconds. Sound simple? Yeah, right.

Campdrafting probably has its origins in outback Queensland, as a way for stockmen and drovers to show off their horsemanship. It’s been around for well over 100 years and is as popular as ever, and Peter’s a veteran of the sport. But he wasn’t always the confident cattle-wrangler he is today. Back when he was starting out, he couldn’t even spot the difference between a steer and a heifer.

Nick Hasemann interviewed Peter about campdrafting and horses on Show Radio. You can listen to the interview below:



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