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Carnival Games – Tips and Tricks for Two Classics

A question as old as time itself, is there any way to beat the carnival games?

Whilst there’s no scientific way to completely hack the system, there is a few tips and tricks for giving yourself the best chance of success!


The milk can game is a classic carnival game. The simple objective of the game is too toss a softball from about 4-6 feet away into a milk can/bottle. Word on the street however is that these bottles are not regular milk bottles! The bottles are actually shrunken at the top by a piece of steel, making it harder for the softball to fit through. Tips to tackle this problem are as follows:


A classic carnival game that tests strength, precision and power. Contestants are given a heavy mallet and instructed to whack a pad as hard as they can which will propel a small puck up a track along the tower. The contestant who propels the puck the highest up the tower is considered the winner, therefore claiming bragging rights for years to come. So the harder the swing the higher up the tower you’ll go? Wrong! It turns out that accuracy is also just as important as physical strength. Instructions on how to correctly play HIGH STRIKER are as follows:



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