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Conversations With A Cowboy

Have you ever launched off the back of a horse to wrestle a calf?

This is the world of steer wrestling, cowboy, Brett Wilson who is one of The Sydney Royal Easter Show’s Rodeo Competitors.

Lu and Brett Wilson on Mornings at the top of Giant’s Stadium

He is a ‘born and bred’ steer wrestler as he has competed since he was 21 years-old inspired by his father who continues to compete in Rodeos. He is a floor and wall tiler during the week but continues to compete due to its addictive adrenaline rush and strong community.

The tradition continues with his son, Cody, who was gleaming with pride. You’ll see Brett strut his stuff after his run as Cody likes to set Brett a new ‘walk’ each time he competes. Last night it was the infamous ‘McGregor’ walk and tonight he will be doing the ‘Chicken Dance’. I know the crowd will love that!

Last night he took 8.7 seconds to get the steer on its back and is hoping to get an quicker time tonight. Here he is competing on the 5th of April at The Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Brett Competing on the 5th of April at The Sydney Royal Eater Show

You won’t catch Lu trying this sport anytime soon but, you can watch Brett tonight in the last round of the Federation Challenge in Giant’s stadium at 6pm.

Listen back to the whole interview here:



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