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Do You Want A Burger, Or A Pie? Why Not Have Both?

Chocolate and Peanut Butter, Batman and Robin, Salt & Pepper. All classic combinations, each one elevates the other to heights formally unimaginable. Well there’s a new classic combo on the scene.

Mick’s bakery is taking the humble Australian meat pie to the next level. Taking the delicious juicy, salty insides of a burger and wrapping it all in the no mess, easy eating crispy pastry of a pie. The result is the aptly named Big Mick

The Big Mick

The question on everybody’s lips is; Does It Work? After a tasting from Show Radio team member Charles Goodsir, we can officially confirm YES. Mick has done an incredible job stuffing a flakey pastry crust with 2 beef patties pickles and cheese, as well as the classic Australian meat pie filling we all know and love

You can find Mick’s Bakery in the Home & Lifestyle Pavilion at The Sydney Royal Easter Show



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