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Driving into the Long Weekend

The Easter long weekend is upon us and in this unprecedented time there are a lot of new rules to abide by over the public holiday. Specifically, Australians aren’t supposed to be leaving the house without a ‘reasonable excuse’, however due to the relative ambiguity of that term, here are a few guidelines to what you can do over the weekend.

You can leave the house for exercise, shopping, and other essential services, however just claiming to be doing so may land you with a fine. A man in Melbourne who claimed to be out buying a bottle of water was fined $1600 by the police as he was 45km from his home. Hanging out in groups in public places and simply driving around aimlessly may land you with a similar fine.

You cannot leave your house to go on a vacation, or to a holiday house. State governments have made it clear that anyone found to be making a long trip this weekend will be fined, and they are pooling resources into policing this. While technically in Victoria people may travel between properties they own, the advice is still to stay at home.

This doesn’t mean the long weekend has to be a drag though! You can turn your long weekend into a “staycation” by reaching out to friends and family online, playing games or puzzles, watching a new TV show, or just relaxing! Take the weekend as the break it is even though you may be at home, be calm, lounge about, and stay safe.



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