Forget Fancy Breeds and Bloodlines: Pet Dogs Finally Recognised in 2022

New Pet/Companion class introduced to ADVANCE™ Sydney Royal Dog Show


We all know that the best pooches are not really determined by the silkiness of their coats or their ability to stand still – it is the bonds they share with their humans that matter most! 

This year the ADVANCE™ Sydney Royal Dog Show acknowledged this when it introduced a special Pet/Companion class.

The class is open to all four-legged friends – purebreds and mutts alike – as they compete to be crowned the ultimate good boy or girl with ‘Best Male’ and ‘Best Female’ prizes.  

If you’re a dog-lover, this is one new event you won’t want to miss. 

Bonus: Exhibitor/Dog look-a-like competition! 

Have you ever noticed that some pet-owners actually LOOK like their pets? It’s actually a scientifically documented phenomenon but you might notice more uncanny canine-human resemblances than usual at this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show.  

In another first, a Exhibitor/Dog look-a-like competition has been added to the ADVANCE™ Sydney Royal Dog Show 2022 schedule. In this category, people will compete alongside their pooches to be crowned the most similar-looking pair!


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