Rural Australia is quickly becoming a mainstream topic on platforms like TikTok. Farmers are growing hundreds of thousands of followers every day with their education and entertaining posts about life on the land. 

So here are my Top 5 TikTokers of God’s Country: 

1. @Malleeboy3490

@Malleeboy3490, also known as ‘Peter’ was one of the first Australian farmers to take off on social media with more than 760K followers on TikTok. 

Many of his video’s feature funny animal videos, mainly focusing on poorly behaved livestock.

2. @Lady_Ba_Ba

South Australian farmer Mel McGorman, or Lady Ba Ba was a big brother housemate in 2021 and a fan favorite.

Mel McGorman gained popularity on TikTok by showing the impact of bushfires on her family’s farm, but her current content focuses on the positives of rural life.

3. @Jack.Moyses

The 19 year old is known for quality and aesthetically pleasing videos of his tractor. He has gained over 56.8K Followers!


@austin_hall4 taking the 8RX for a spin and showing us how smooth this thing is! #8rx #fyp #harvest2020 #farmingaustralia #johndeere #farmlife

♬ оригинальный звук – __zzmeya.__

4. @ZoeCarter 

With over 198.8K followers on TikTok, Zoe is a self-proclaimed city kid who enjoys agriculture so much that she wants to teach her audiences the joys of working on a farm. 


Good thing about contracting is you work in different industry’s all the time. First time dealing with poddys, lots to learn #farming #dairy #bullcalf

♬ original sound – Zoe Carter Australia

5.  @FarmerZayne

Getting his clout from dressing up his sheep and mucking around, Zayne has over 343.9K on TikTok.


Johnnys a life saver. Saved me having to walk! #farm #lamb #johnnythelamb #driving

♬ original sound – Zayne Hall

TikTok has given rural Australian farmers the ability to reach millions of people who would otherwise have nothing to do with agriculture.This makes it easier for young people to get involved.

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