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Fully Grown Man Afraid of Kids’ Ride

Greg makes it no secret that he is a big baby when it comes to rides. He’s afraid of heights, and things that move fast, which describes every ride at the Sydney Royal Easter Show except the teacup ride and the carousel.

Greg mentally preparing himself

So to help him face his fear, Millie took him to the Kid’s Carnival where the rides are smaller for the little kids, not really for fully grown adults. Even just looking at the smallest rollercoaster at the Easter Show still gave him butterflies in his stomach.

Greg eventually mustered the courage the join the kids on the Wacky Worm rollercoaster and was the most nervous of everyone on the train. When the safety bar clicked down, he knew they were past the point of no return.

“This is my happy face I promise”

When the ride started, Greg did his best not to swear in front of the kids in the carriage behind him. It started by going down a small hill which immediately made Greg’s stomach drop, then around a bend and up the biggest hill of the ride which meant only one thing… the big drop was imminent. What goes up, must come down!

Greg holds on for dear life while Millie fixes he hair for the camera

The ride continued around a few bends higher in the air than Greg could handle, then went through a giant apple before the big drop made Greg squeal louder than any of the kids who had been on the ride since the start of the show. As the carriage pulled into the station where they boarded, Greg breathed a sigh of relief, but his hopes that the ride was over were quickly dashed when they passed straight through and headed back down the first hill again.

“I’ve had better hangovers than this”

They were going to be doing it all again and this time the train was not slowing down. This time they did the whole lap at full speed. The only mercy for Greg was that at least the lap would be over quicker this time around.

By the time they disembarked from the ride, Greg was at a loss for words. Next year he’s sticking to his guns and keeping his feet firmly planted on the ground. Chips on a stick are more Greg’s thing.

If you wan’t to hear Greg’s experience on the Wacky Worm take a listen below:



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