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High On The Pecking Order: Champion Chook For 2021

If you think you know your chickens, then this cockerel will eggs-spell your expectations!

Roving reporter Tom visited the Poultry Pavilion this afternoon and discovered a number of award-winning hens that had been gathering attention.

One notable bird that had show patrons gawping the most was No. 457, a light Sussex cockerel.

The birds are judged on various areas of criteria including size, grooming and overall condition.

No. 457 was awarded the Champion label and it is certainly evident why!

It stands at a decent 50cm tall and makes itself heard with it’s erupt of clucking as it joins in chorus with the rest of the feathered friends.

All of the chickens can be found at the Poultry Pavilion and viewed daily across the whole duration of the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Thomas Denham
Trailblazing from the Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne, Tom is an aspiring content creator, broadcaster and podcast producer. With a deep passion for audio storytelling, Tom has produced podcasts from audio fiction (The Glam Gizmo) to panel discussion (Right On Track). Tom is currently the Podcast Manager at SYN Media and has previously been the Executive Producer of several flagship radio programs. Tom can’t wait to feast his eyes (and stomach) at the cake competition at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and can be found on the grounds searching for the next best story.


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