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Horseball Arrives at the Sydney Royal Easter Show!

Show Radio announcer Dana Hamilton with Kay Jeffrey from the Australian Horseball Association.

Today was the only day of the Sydney Royal Easter Show to host Horseball, which Kay Jeffrey from the Australian Horseball Association describes as “a little bit of rugby, a little bit of basketball, a massive amount of horsemanship, sitting on these animals which have a mind of their own…a really exciting game”.

The sport is very fast paced and requires a high level of physicality, making it an entertaining event keeping crowds on the edge of their seats.

Participants start playing the sport from a young age, and Kay Jeffrey says it’s one that young children love. “It’s a really exciting game and we’re so thrilled to be here. It’s the first time that we’ve been at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, and the kids – honestly the smiles on their faces when they came out onto that arena this morning was just priceless”.

Horseball is quite a big sport in parts of Europe, and is yet to become a commonly known sport in Australia. Jeffrey said she hopes that one day it will become something that everyone is talking about. “It’s massive in Europe – we have saddle club here and that’s our biggest equestrian society, but horseball is bigger than saddle club in Europe. Those guys are playing at a rapid rate of knots. When they get that ball, they’re fast and they’re aggressive and it’s really amazing to watch”.

View the interview with Kay Jeffrey below:



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