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In Support of #localHarvest #localproducers

How many of us buy vegetables from Supermarkets? Most of us. Today we will see the journey of vegetables that are displayed for sale. We will see the example of tomato’s journey today in this article. This is a long and complicated one. The tomatoes are picked up farms when they are green and raw. Then a chemical called “Ethylene” is sprinkled on them and moved to cold storage rooms.

It will be there in cold rooms for many weeks and they are displayed in supermarkets. The red, shiny tomatoes with very fewer nutrients are ready for sale. It took weeks and weeks to reach us. The farmer knows the process followed is not right and he can’t do much about it as he might lose tie-up with the mediators. Also, the farmer is receiving as little as 14 cents on every dollar we spend on buying vegetables.

Local Farmer display – Vegetables for sale

I got an idea, “Why don’t we buy vegetables directly from farmers”. This will save us money and also we get fresh (just 24 hours before) and tasty vegetables. They don’t use chemicals and no cold storage rooms which will save us from a lot of high-risk diseases like Diabetics and heart-attack.

There is an interesting website in support of this. It is which will give the nearest local producer of vegetables. Supporting local farmers will help our nations and also reducing transport which keeps the environment safe. It is also a way of investing in our future and helping and supporting local producers.

Support #localproducers and #buyfromlocalfarmers.

Local Harvest-Audio


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