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Visiting the Easter show for More Than once in 10 days!!

Are you visiting Easter show every year. Then, its is common. Do you want to know, how it feels visiting the show for 5 times. I can explain you . I am from India, visited Easter show for the first time in 2019, but this time I have visited many a times because of show radio.

Poultry Pavilion: Interviewing Jack about chicken washing

I loved this experience and each day found very unique shows. It is such a big show hosting nearly 60,000 people a day, animals, food, rides making me very happy and fun. It is the biggest show I have ever visited in my life. All shows are special to me. This will be my best memorable life time experience.

First time, I also learnt that hens take vaccinations. Chicken washing is awesome, fun floral challenge, dance sensation and pat a pig with cheeky piglets are memorable. Heard that biosecurity is very important for keeping hens happy and safe. Farmers do this to protect a farm from pests and diseases.

This is the knowledge that comes from exposure and experience. I received all in one shot by visiting the easter show. Its just 2 more days to go!!

What are you waiting for? Buy a ticket and visit one more time ? The waiting time is 365 days if you miss it now.



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