Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Just Do It

We often hear this phrase a lot, that in times of challenge and fear, we should recite these three easy words, and it will be easy. Although this is an improbable solution, I wondered if we should always try to make ourselves scared. Not like scared, there’s someone outside my house scared, more like scaring ourselves out of the comfort zone. Supposedly getting out of the comfort zone is where amazing things happen!
So I would like to set you a challenge, try something new and give yourself the room to be scared.

If you are scared of heights, go on the slingshot; if you hate zombies, go to the haunted house, and if you hate dairy, milk a cow! I believe in this life, the emotions we try to avoid, like fear, pain and scariness, are the ones that remind us we are alive.

Write a comment on this article in a week telling me what scary thing you did. Do it.



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