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Let The Fun Be-Gin!

If you are anything like me, you love to wind down the working week with a drink or two!

If its the weekend and you’re having a few drinks with friends or watching the footy on the couch, the go to alcohol would be a beer or cider. If you are anything like me, these types of alcohol can add on the kilos in the stomach area so how can I enjoy a drink with my friends and family and still watch my weight? Luckily for you the Melbourne Gin Company is here to save the day.

Established in 2012, which is one of the oldest Gin companies in the country, MGC has quickly become one of Australia’s biggest gin distributors sourcing most of their ingredients from Australia.

Their product sources ingredients from across Australia and the world to help produce a soft flavour and elegant aromas, with Macadamia, Honey-Myrtle, grape fruit, rosemary and even sandalwood being used to create the perfect gin. The Spices are also sourced from Europe and South East Asia to give it that worldly feel.

Although they have the classic Gin, MGC also offer a One Shot Gin which is made in a single distillation, unlike the MGC’s original Melbourne Dry Gin, in which botanicals are individually distilled then blended together.

Make sure you catch the crew over in the Woolworths Food Dome to get a taste tester!

Listen to our interview with Hugh from the Melbourne Gin Company below:



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