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Majestic and Fluffy: 2021 Advance™ Cat Show Competition

Do you know what the largest breed of dogs are? no, well neither do I. But I can tell you the largest domestic cat here at the Advance™ Cat Show and is also one of the oldest from North America the “Maine Coon”. These cats can get up to the length of a 40″ TV which is just over a metre long, in heigh can be about 16″ or 40cm, weigh between 4-11kgs and get to about 15 years in age.

These gentle giants have unique ears which have cute tufts on the edges, these cats are reckoned as the “social queens” because of their embracing expressions and large alluring eyes that pull you towards them. The Maine Coons have a great temperament and are a playful breed, and I was surprised when I found out that the Maine Coon was also in my Favourite movie Harry Potter.

GIF Tenor: Argus Filch and Mrs Norris – Harry Potter

At the show I was grateful to talk to Lynda Mulheron with her small family owned Maine Coon cattery from Western Sydney showing her line of cats: Gracelands Maine Coons.

Lynda has 7 Maine Coons Isabella-Rose, Amenadiel, Phoenix, Elvyra, Priscilla, Nefertiti and Rebel. And as I write this article I was informed that two beautiful healthy kittens were born from Isabella-Rose that evening and was through natural birth.

Well done to Lynda and her Maine Coons with winning 3rd and 5th by Elvyra placings and Amenadiel 4th and 5th placing at the Advance Cat Show Competition.

My interview with Lynda at the Sydney Royal Easter Show – Advance™ Cat Competition


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