Saturday, July 2, 2022
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March Of The Shetland Ponies

There were many fine ponies on display today, as the Shetlands were before the judges.

In what was an ironic twist, the Shetland ponies were followed promptly by the grand Clydesdale horses. It was amazing to watch the large yet graceful Clydesdales make their way past the judges resplendent in their brushed coats and plaited braids.

Though the Shetlands weren’t going to be outdone, they may be small but, you’d be a fool to underestimate them. In the late afternoon, following a lone bagpiper dressed in tartan, the Shetland ponies pranced their way around Giant’s Stadium.

It was a lighthearted spectacle that brought smiles to many faces. Personally, I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the stirring bagpipe cacophony with the tiny yet decisive steps of the Shetlands.

If you missed out, don’t worry this procession of prancing ponies will occur daily at Giant’s Stadium between four and five.



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