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The Sydney Royal Easter Show is all about getting involved and learning about Australian agriculture, as well as eating way too much food. 

I’ve heard a lot of opinions about the Dagwood Dog’s which I swear are sold at every single stand at the show, and the infamous $3 Cheese Toasties that are eaten by at least one person in the Show Radio team every day. Maybe soon I’ll hear someone raving on about the petting zoo we enjoyed as kids, but now avoid because of the smell.

This year, there is a collaborative hashtag to use to share your Sydney Royal Easter Show experiences #myeastershow. Here are those thoughts.

See? Food. Is anyone really there for the Merino Sheep anymore?
Finally, some baby chicks! Look at them!
More food.

There are so many competitions with Horses, I couldn’t even tell you which event this is.

Congrats! I must say, those photographs entered this year were so beautiful. How do they even pick a winner?! Judging art is so confusing to me.

To see more of the actions and keep up to date, follow the #myeastershow hashtag on all social media. The Show Radio team are also always posting something new, so follow our Instagram and Facebook for live feeds or head to the Gallery page on our website.



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