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Nel’s First Dagwood Dog!

Get this, SHOW RADIO’s Nel has never had a Dagwood Dog, NEVER! I know, I’m as shocked as you are. Dagwood Dogs – or Pluto Pups as I knew them – were apart of my childhood, especially at an even such as the Sydney Royal Easter Show!

The hot dog, the batter, the tomato sauce… What’s not to love?! That’s why as soon as it cam to our knowledge that one of our own had never even tried one, this had to be fixed.

So one afternoon, Sam sent Nel out to get her very first Dagwood Dog (and one for him). Check out the pictures below to see how it went!

Nel doesn’t seem so sure when lining up!
Here she goes!
That doesn’t look like a great first reaction!

One thing we know is that Sam was as happy as a pig in mud with his Dagwood Dog – even if it was about his 17th! “They just never get old!”



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