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Senior showgoers honoured at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

Seniors are being encouraged to take advantage of the specially curated activities for retirees and empty-nesters at the 2021 Sydney Royal Easter Show.

On Wednesday, mature-age showgoers were treated to an array of activities geared towards senior living and fans have praised the RAS for organising the day.

Speaking to Show Radio, mother and daughter duo Kristen and Emily urged revellers to visit the show – despite the nation recently coming out of lockdown. 

“The show has been really great,” daughter Emily said. “The RAS has done a great job of making sure there is plenty of space around the grounds. 

“There is a lot less clutter than there has been in previous years, so it’s been really great.”

senior easter show
The Sydney Royal Easter Show

While the capped number of visitors at this year’s show is 60,000, Emily said there is still plenty of room and people are courteous of each other.

“There’s lots of lovely green space, plenty of spaces to sit and all of the food stalls are spread out as well and there’s heaps of seating. It’s been really great,” she added.

“I’m normally used to seeing hundreds of thousands of people, so 60,000 does seem like a lot but the showground is an enormous venue… there are so many great things to see and do across the grounds, so all the people are really spread out.”

For anyone concerned over COVID safety, mum Kristen said most people have been really courteous and conscious about personal space. 

“Most people are conscious of the COVID problem and are keeping their distance and there’s lots of room so you don’t have to get up close and personal to people which is really nice,” she said. 

Seniors’ Day at the Show is April 7 but the activities carry on through to April 12. 



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